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Common Grounds: Coffee+ Convert-sations's event February 27th

Common Grounds: Coffee+ Convert-sations's event February 27th

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Ny'imah Byrd

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This event will take place on February 27th, at either 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.
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If you’re looking for something different to do this weekend in Atlanta, this might be it! Urban Ummah’s “Common Grounds: Coffee + Convert-stations” is co-directed by Ny’imah Byrd, who considers herself an artist, entrepreneur, and community coordinator. Jaasmeen Hamed, a community advocate, volunteer, youth program coordinator, is also a co-founder of Urban Ummah. Both sisters are originally from the Bay Area, where they became used to the spiritual and diverse lifestyle of the Bay. As they moved to Atlanta, they began to miss the “diverse spaces” and spiritual vibes. Through a nostalgia for diversity and inclusion, they began to come up with an event which would bring people together on a spiritual level.

When asked about how the idea of Urban Ummah began, Byrd said, “I had spent one Ramadan traveling around communities in Atlanta, being in some spaces that were mainly Arab and Desi, other spaces with African Americans. I was perplexed with how so many dope people didn't have a clue about each other around the city, yet, have many commonalities and probably could benefit greatly from each other.”

As a convert, Byrd had been asked to share her story of embracing Islam many times, and many people had felt “refreshed as a Muslim” after hearing her story.

Hamed said that she had always been involved in work that “gave voice to those people that are commonly overlooked as having something interesting or useful to add.” So when Byrd came to her with the idea, she was really excited about the outcome. They worked together to organize their first event, and within a month, had made it happen!

So who is invited to these events?

“Me and you, your mama and your cousins too! Yes, our crowds are very diverse, and we welcome that diversity. We hope that you will join us at our next event and bring your friends!” said Hamed.

So what goes on at these events?

“Our events open up with music by our resident DJ Malika B (NaAisha Austin), and we always play Muslim artists throughout the night. We have a little fun to get the crowd loosened up and invite about 5 guest speakers to share their stories throughout the night. We typically have a musical guest or two. In the past, we have had Flautista, Rasheeda Ali, Ras Kofi, Shargeel Khan, and countless local poets and spoken word artists,” said Byrd.

Hamed added, “We know that each time something special will happen, someone will meet that perfect friend, and be inspired to open up in ways like never before. Break dancing while a total stranger plays the guitar, or even something as sacred as being inspired to take their shahadah are all things that have happened at our event and we are grateful.”

So why should the Atlanta community attend this event?

If you’re looking for a place to socialize, meet new friends, or simply get out of your own bubble to hear other people’s stories, you might want to consider this.

“This event offers a space to open up in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages growth and networking. This event also allows a chance to unwind while at the same time learn the process of someone's journey to faith that may differ in steps, but commonly mirrors many aspects of the journeys of those in attendance.

This allows for a connection of our human family in a way that is very unique,” said Hamed. 

“It adds an alternative space for Muslims to gather and get to know each other on a semi intimate level. It sparks conversation and opens the doors for further dialogue. It’s a creative space so people leave inspired to something which will create more spaces to build authentic communities. 

In addition to “Common Grounds”, we also have an “Iftar and Convert-stations” during Ramadan, which we have done for two years successfully,” adds Byrd.

This week’s event is about love and faith “to support the common theme of love being celebrated in February as well as February being Islamic Awareness month at Emory University.” This is where the event is taking place.

This event takes place about 3 times a year, so make your reservations early! 


This event will take place on February 27th, at either 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.
Don’t forget to register here:


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