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Eight Arrested at GSU After Protesting Ban on Undocumented Students

Eight Arrested at GSU After Protesting Ban on Undocumented Students

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Asma Elhuni

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Students at Georgia State University interrupted President Mark Becker's campus safety meeting last Thursday to protest the school’s refusal to admit an undocumented young Georgian who was brought to the country illegally as a child.

As students at GSU, we were disappointed that campus police arrested eight people who were peacefully protesting Georgia's statewide admission ban on undocumented students.

It’s important we hear stories from people like Victor, who has lived in the U.S. since he was three, and pays taxes which fund the very universities that ban him from attending. It is no coincidence the only states with such a ban are South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia--states with a long history of racial discrimination.

Inspired by Freedom U’s strategy of peaceful protest,  we decided to confront President Becker about this matter, as well as two other very important issues that he has avoided addressing, despite the many times students have reached out to him. President Becker’s forum was about security, but he forgets that when Georgia State buys property without offering solutions to the displaced population, there will inevitably be a security threat to GSU.

Finally, the additional campus security police officers are not making students feel safer, for many of us feel that the officers are racially profiling brown and black students.

It's important that Muslims get involved in their communities as active members. It is often forgotten that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was “sent as a mercy to all the world.”  

As Muslims, we should ask ourselves if we are reflecting this. Do those who are treated unjustly know that Muslims will take a stand for them? Or is justice the last thing on our minds these days.

“ O you who believe stand out firmly for justice...” Quran, Surah Nisa, 135.

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