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A Universal Message: The Truth in Poetry

A Universal Message: The Truth in Poetry

Author Maliha Arman and Tamour Shahid by

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Universal Message

By: Maliha Arman

I chose to share such a message to help many realize the true reality of this life. Also, to remind myself and others to take advantage of the short time we were blessed with on this earth; the importance of acting righteous, building a relationship with the Quran, Allah, His Deen and building a relationship with his Prophets. To not deviate from Allah, His Deen and the Quran. I wanted to touch on the different aspects of life, its trials and tribulations, and how we can't avoid them, for at some point they become our realities. Indeed, we must taste the bitter to appreciate sweetness. I wanted to share with others that in the bitterness of life or events, our feelings may switch. No matter what our feelings are, up and down, they are not and will ever be complete.

In all which I experience
I can't see the value
Of anything that is here
In all which I see and all, which I hear
I can't see the value, of life when it shines

So long as death is watching
And hunting all the living
Like a hunter and deer
I can't see the value of time passing by
It comes to us speeding

Fast and passes on far away
What is the value of a smile?
If it is followed by a tear
No value for the loved ones
When losing such a dear

No value for the youth
As long the age gets older
And the body is getting colder
By all which is around us
I think the message is so obvious

So deep so true so clear
You are not to stay here
Your life is to vanish
So focus if you care
The beauty becomes ugliness

The sweet fruit will rotten
And the start becomes the end
Nothing in here to cheer
Only the fool will think
That life will stay

Only the fools assume
The power of the clay
Only the fool will accept
He acts and won't pay
Assuming he needs no God

To call onto or pray
Only the fool is blind
To mess up what the universes say
This world is for one reason
To tell you that soon you will leave

So think, reflect and analyze
What it is that you came here for
And think even deeper
What is it that you will do here?
What a story…

The story of a foolish man
Such a sad story
Ignoring the Quran
Such a sad story
To follow the shytaan

Such a sad story
To end up like a loser
Ignoring the creator and
And getting out of here not
Knowing what was greater
Not knowing why you came
Dwelling with no aim.


By: Tamour Shahid

What inspired me to write this poem was all the loss of innocent lives.

In the past month,it was hard for us Muslims and I wanted to show everyone that we are not alone. We are all in this together, so let’s come together. When I was writing this, I wanted to do it for the Ummah more than myself, and I wanted to show the love I have for the Ummah in my poem.


I have mixed emotions right now.
I don’t know to be sad, happy, mad or angry.
I was just ready to celebrate the last ten days of Ramadan and Eid.
I want to stay positive, but how?


This whole Ramadan we are having mass shootings
and suicide bombings throughout the world.
Who are these so-called Muslims killing our pride and reputation?


What is our future looking like and how is our generation feeling?
How much can we take of this pain?
Too many tears, too many funerals!
Too many young people getting buried right in front of their parents’ eyes.
Too many kids burying their parents, becoming orphans.


Please Be safe and be “woke.”
Yes it is hard out here but stay strong.
Make positive impact in this world.
Please unite and love each other.


Focus on the similarities and let the differences express your own self, don’t let the differences divide.
We are one ummah with one love.


Make dua for all the oppressed all over the world.
Don’t underestimate the power of a dua.
Just have sabr and perseverance.


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