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Amin Tomeh Wins Points of Light Award for ISB Service

Amin Tomeh Wins Points of Light Award for ISB Service

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An Atlanta Muslim community leader, Amin Tomeh, was recognized by Points of Light for his service with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. 

Points of Light is the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, with a mission  to inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action to change the world. President George H. W. Bush founded the organization which embraces volunteer service and civic engagement as fundamental elements for a purposeful life and healthy world.

One of their many initiatives to celebrate and encourage volunteer service in the community is their prestigious “Daily Point of Light Award.” With over 5,000 winners so far, this award celebrates the power of a an individual to spark change and improve the world, and one of those winners is our Atlanta Muslim community’s very own, Amin Tomeh. 

Tomeh was recommended by fellow community leader and Points of Light staff member, Ruwa Romman, for his volunteer work with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB), an Atlanta based non-profit organization with a mission to build bridges of understanding through education, collaboration and building relationships. He joined ISB in 2004 as a trained speaker, then expanded his volunteer roll through serving on the non-profit’s board and training others. 

“The Award highlights that an institution, like the ISB, is the best form of galvanizing a community around it,” says Tomeh. “People individually often tire and fatigue over time. A robust organization like the ISB ensures sustainable efforts and enables their continued growth.”

Tomeh is among the network of volunteers ISB depends on to “Continue the Legacy and Change the Narrative” about Islam and Muslims, and promote understanding and inclusion in the community.

On how he feels about the award, Tomeh replied, “I proudly view the Daily Point of Light Award as a rightful recognition of the ISB, its speakers, and supporters than of me personally.”

Thank you, Amin Tomeh, for your continued community volunteerism, and congratulations on your selection. 


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