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Picnic For Peace

Picnic For Peace

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Sawsan Selim

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On April 24th, Johns Creek High School coordinated an Interfaith event, Picnic For Peace.

Meridith McCain, a student at Johns Creek, brought up the idea with other coordinators: Colin Stevens, Brittany Dargis and MSA President Dania Ibrahim. They worked on bringing speakers from different religions and backgrounds to come to talk at this event. Speakers included Soumaya Khalifa, Dr. Jack Bucsko, Kevin Cown, Ashanti Jabri, and Drew Kimball.

The speakers talked about peace and coming together as one. Their message was to show solidarity with victims of violence worldwide and to bring Johns Creek, Georgia and other large communities together.

In between speakers, the youth performed spoken word, singing, and spoke on growing up with a Hindu background. The event was an overall success with an amazing crowd.

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