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Muslim Magazine, Why Now?

Muslim Magazine, Why Now?

Author Brother Rashad Jabri by

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Fulani G. Jabri

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You may be among those who want to know why? Why publish a magazine for Muslims now? Well, firstly, Muslim Magazine has been in the making for several years and floating around in my head and heart even longer. Muslim Magazine is not a reaction, it is destiny manifest. And if you are reading this, it is confirmation that it is Allah’s will. Allah is truly great!

If you are not a Muslim, that is awesome because this Magazine is actually made for you! Of course, it’s for Muslims too but let’s be clear, you are our target and we are not afraid to say it. And we make no apologies either.

Someone once said “if you don’t define yourself, others will do it for you.” Well, Muslims can no longer afford to have anyone else define us in this day and time. This religion and its adherents are some of the most peaceful and loving humans the earth has ever had walk on it. I know because I know them personally, inside and out.

You see I was not always a Muslim. But I had plenty of opportunities to observe them before I became one. I grew up with Muslim friends and I spent time in their homes and with their families. The irony is that I had no idea they were Muslims or even what a Muslim was.

They barely, if ever, mentioned it. In fact I only recall hearing it once when I was talking about the delicacy of pork ribs. Let me just pause here for second and say that many of us “reverts” only stopped eating pork because it was commanded by God. Other than that….Allah forgive me.

As I was saying, no one preached to me, tried to convert me, or talked bad about my beliefs. Even when I offered to share my ribs, I wasn’t thrown out or yelled at, I was simply told, “we don’t eat pork, we’re Muslims,” to which I replied “oh ok,” as if I had a clue what that meant and why they couldn’t eat these ribs.

As it turned out, I would not get a clue for another ten or so years when my own journey led me to Islam. As I learned more about the religion of Islam and its practices, I began to realize that I had actually encountered people who were living by these “newly” found values and principles that I was so fascinated with. More so, they were shining examples of them.

They weren’t trying to put on a good face or prove their patriotism. They were not trying to show how different or “just like everybody else” they were. Regardless of what some mad men may have been doing in the name of their religion, they were still just being themselves. And for me, what was at one time just a bunch of vague childhood memories about some Muslim friends, became a confirmation. I indeed had chosen the right religion.

In that experience lies the jewel that makes the effort of Muslim Magazine necessary, important, and urgent even. We simply have to be ourselves no matter what is going on in the world. And in doing so, we will tell all that there is to know about Muslims. We must continue to smile and shine bright in our good deeds and character. We have to continue to be the best among humans in love, devotion, hospitality, righteous dealings, and charity. We just have to be ourselves. Just be Muslims.

We also have to learn different ways to share our light with the world. Of course we have to be humble, but we must also be proactive and strategic in making sure our true identity is known. Ask yourself, in today’s world, is there a better place than the media to do that? The answer is no or not many. So Muslim Magazine says “get to know us, the real us. Do not rely on mainstream media, Hollywood, or those with their own agenda to tell you who Muslims are.”

Muslim Magazine says, before you judge 1.7 billion people, “come on in, sit for a minute, get to know us for yourself.” This publication will remind and inform that Muslims come from all walks of life, from every part of the world, in every shape, color, race and nationality and the numbers are not decreasing. Quite the contrary, they are increasing. And that’s a good thing because the overwhelming number of Muslims are good people.

Maybe what some are really afraid of is being amazed once they actually get to know us.

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