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Roswell Community Masjid Takes Huge Step Forward

Roswell Community Masjid Takes Huge Step Forward

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This past week, the Roswell Community Masjid (RCM) announced that it will be taking a huge step forward in the growth of the organization by looking to hire its first full-time, paid Executive Director. The ED will be responsible for heading the RCM Executive Committee and overseeing the day-to-day operations and development of the Masjid.

“RCM has grown very quickly in a very short amount of time,” said Ahmed Khan, RCM’s current volunteer Executive Director, “the role has simply become too much for a volunteer to handle.”

Khan explained that having a full-time director on staff will allow RCM to better meet the needs of its growing community, “every non-profit organization reaches a point in which it can no longer be professionally run completely by volunteers, and RCM seems to have reached this point.” Other RCM leaders expressed similar sentiments. Ahmad Hashem, the current Board Chairman stated, “bringing a full-time director on board will undoubtedly benefit RCM in numerous ways. It is important for us to stay ahead of our growth, rather than lag behind.”

RCM will become the first Masjid in Atlanta to hire a full-time Executive Director. In filling this position, RCM will capitalize on its promise to invest in the human resources necessary for growth.

To view the complete ED job description, click here. Any individuals interested in this position are requested to send a resume and cover letter to All are welcome to apply, provided they meet the minimum requirements.

RCM is a Masjid and community center, located in Roswell, GA, aiming to implement the Islamic character of Ihsan (excellence) in all they do. To learn more about the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy, click here.

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