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Gwinnett Islamic Circle Honors Volunteers

Gwinnett Islamic Circle Honors Volunteers

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GIC Volunteers

On Sunday, September 6th, the Gwinnett Islamic Circle (AKA Suwanee Musallah) honored its dedicated volunteers and their families at a luncheon at Mughal’s restaurant. With over 100 attendees, the event fostered brother and sisterhood, and celebrated volunteerism.

Mufti Asif Pochi beautifully reminded us that it is okay to be thanked, that we should not feel it takes away from the ajar of volunteer work, citing our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu a’laihi wassalam) who said, “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked people.”

Brother Tariq Siddiqui and Sister Mumtaz Ishaque (Director of GIC’s Sunday School program) awarded the Sunday School staff with plaques and awesome hoodies. As parents rave about this program, Tariq and Mumtaz attributed its rapid growth to the sincere efforts of the staff.

Brother Tariq also awarded plaques to GIC volunteers who helped throughout the year but especially during Ramadan. These volunteers are brothers and sisters who worked outside of the spotlight doing dirty, tedious jobs after a long day of fasting. They are brothers and sisters who planned for, set up and cleaned up after serving iftar to hundreds of congregants for twenty-nine nights.

This was not a small job. It was not just a cleaning job, but dawah as well—when GIC’s business neighbors came to their offices the next morning, there was not a hint that hundreds of people had dined there the night before.

May Allah reward all of these volunteers. May the volunteers’ intentions always remain pure. And may Allah bless the masjid with additional volunteers willing to serve with their time and energy.


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