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Al-Farooq: Ignore Anti-Islam Protesters

Al-Farooq: Ignore Anti-Islam Protesters

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Al-Farooq Masjid has called on Atlanta's Muslim community to ignore anti-Islam protesters who plan to stage rallies at 20 mosques across the country this weekend, including Al-Farooq.

“We feel there is no need for a counter demonstration or special assembly near the Masjid,” the Muslim house of worship announced in an email. “We must remain dignified and honorable by respecting the law and allowing our conduct to speak on our behalf. We must not engage with demonstrators or involve ourselves in slogan mongering, shouting or interaction of any sort.”

Al-Farooq's message echoes advice offered by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which advised targeted mosques to “stay calm, peaceful and do not engage with protesters.”

ISNA encouraged American Muslims to instead react by becoming more active in their local communities.

“These hate groups will be exercising their constitutional rights to engage in hateful speech and carry weapons with bullets,” ISNA said in an email to its members. “ISNA wants the Muslim community and other people of good conscience to also exercise their Constitutional rights. But rather than hateful speech and bullets, we will engage with positive speech and the ballot box.”

Among other things, ISNA advised American Muslims to hold Voter registration drives, contact their elected officials to demand that they support pluralism and condemn the protests, and join a social media campaign using the hashtag #HateUnchecked at 3 pm on Friday.

Protesters have labeled their plan a Global Rally for Humanity.

“Humanity is attacked daily by radical Islam,” event organizers wrote on Facebook. “Protests will be held in every country at every mosque.”

Organizers in some cities have also encouraged protesters to openly carry firearms to the protest.

Those calls have raised fears of violence in the American Muslim community.

“ISNA has been in contact with numerous federal agencies, i.e. [the] FBI, US Dept. of Justice and US Dept. of Homeland Security, and all of these agencies are aware of the protests and are communicating with local branches to ensure proper execution of security measures in the case of a real threat,” ISNA announced.

Targeted mosques should check their security cameras and locks, prepare a security checklist, deliver Friday khutbas about the best reaction to the protests, and “say something if you see something,” ISNA said. does not have an opinion on the community should respond to protests. All opinions in the article are of the respective organizations.

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