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Top 10 Muslim Trends on Twitter

Top 10 Muslim Trends on Twitter

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Twitter has been a prominent platform for discussing social issues worldwide. Muslims on Twitter have turned to hashtags to bring to light issues of islamophobia, justice, solidarity, and sometimes just pure fun.

Below are Top 10 Muslim Trends on Twitter, in no particular order:

1 . #MuslimProblems

Daily struggles of being Muslim that everyone can relate to are shared using #MuslimProblems.

2. #CreepingSharia or #CreepingShariah

Bringing to light the influence of Islam in modern society and humor of Muslims in Western cultures, #CreeepingSharia (or #CreepingShariah) is often used to satirize the views people have of Islamic teachings and Shariah Law.

3. #HjiabiProblems

Poking fun at people’s views of Hijab and daily struggles of being a Hijabi, #HijabiProblems is a fun hashtag for women to share relatable stories.

4. #Feedtheirlegacy

In honor of Deah, Yusor, and Razan, Muslims around the United States have joined together to collect canned foods for local food banks. #Feedtheirlegacy has encouraged Muslims from different communities to donate for this great cause.

5. #NotinMyName

In response to the actions of ISIS, many muslims around the world have used #NotinMyName to condemn the actions of this terror group.

6. #Muslims4Lent

Muslims around the world are standing in solidarity with Christians celebrating Lent. #Muslims4Lent features Muslims who are giving up items for 40 days.

7. #MuslimApologies

Muslims are tired for apologizing for the actions of extremist groups. #Muslimapologies pokes fun at those asking Muslims to apologize by apologizing for things we have no control over, or for things Muslims have contributed to society.

8. #MuslimRage

After a Newsweek cover covering showing Muslim Rage, Muslims react by posting funny things that bring out #MuslimRage.

9. #MuslimMemes

Memes are everywhere...even in the Muslim community. These are just plain funny.

10. #MuslimMeeting

In response to conservative outrage over a Muslim Meeting at the White House, Muslims took to hypothesize about the outcomes from this #MuslimMeeting.

In conclusion, Muslims are pretty funny.

Aisha Yaqoob is a graduate student at The University of Georgia pursuing her Masters of Public Administration and Policy. Follow her on Twitter @yaqooberz.

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