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Emergency Interfaith Vigil

Emergency Interfaith Vigil

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The Religious Freedom Bill. What an ironic name for a bill that discriminates against people of different faiths, especially religious minorities. It is not a stretch to say that this bill, which passed the GA State Senate, possibly stems from Islamophobia, as the bill legally allows businesses to discriminate against people for religious purposes. This bill could repeal the non-discrimination laws that minorities have been working on for decades, and it could harm Muslims as well as Jews, Catholics, and even gays and lesbians.

That is why today at 9 a.m., religious leaders will be at the Georgia State Capitol for an emergency interfaith vigil.

I hope that Atlanta Muslims will be in attendance because, if passed, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act could dramatically affect our lives.

For the event details or to contact the event organizer, Ria Riesner, visit:

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