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Cobb Muslims Hold Frank Q&A with Local Columnist

Cobb Muslims Hold Frank Q&A with Local Columnist

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Dick Yarbrough. Photo via MDJ

The Marietta Daily Journal has published the first in a series of columns recounting a local writer’s interactions with Cobb County Muslims. Columnist Dick Yarbrough sat down with his Muslim neighbors in the wake of controversy over Kennesaw City Council’s initial refusal to allow a Muslim prayer space in a mall. The group engaged in a frank and candid conversation about everything from the mosque controversy to interfaith relations to the Quran to Sharia.

Yarbrough begins his column:

“My recent visit with a group of Muslims in Cobb County leads me to conclude that the communications gap between Muslims and non-Muslims is wider than I had imagined. 

It began with my first question to them: Were you surprised at the controversy over the request to rent retail space for an Islamic worship center in Kennesaw? Their answer: Absolutely. My response: Really?”

To read the full article, visit The Marietta Daily Journal - A talk with some of Cobb s Muslims Part 1.

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