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Atlanta Imam: Don't Panic About Same-Sex Marriage

Atlanta Imam: Don't Panic About Same-Sex Marriage

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The Supreme Court has ruled that individual states cannot ban same-sex marriage. So what does that mean for Muslims who choose to abide by the Quran and Sunnah?

Not much really.

The fact is that we live in an era where many things that are clearly prohibited in our faith are considered legal. The United States is not the only nation in which this exists. Rather, one can find similar situations in Muslim majority countries as well. So should we freak out and make a big deal that same-sex marriage has been supported by the Supreme Court?

In my opinion: no.

If we take a look at the social norms in which the Prophet (saw) lived, there were many things wrong with society. The weak were taken advantage of by the powerful and the rich. Fathers would bury their daughters alive because having a daughter was considered shameful. Tawaf around the Ka’bah was made practically in the nude. Much bigger than that, the Ka’bah, which was a landmark of the worship of ONE God was turned into a storage facility where idols were kept and honored. One of the great benefits about turning to the Prophet (saw) as a role model for our own life lessons is that we realize he went through everything we will ever go through and taught us how to deal with it.

Islam is spreading all over the world as people are choosing to submit themselves to Allah. Our focus should be on proper propagation and representation of our faith. We must realize that people of other faiths, or for that matter, of no faith, will always have their own outlook on social issues. For example, alcohol is legal in the U.S. yet prohibited for us. Adultery, which is a crime in Islam, is not a criminal offense here. Certain financial transactions, clearly aimed towards taking advantage of people in horrendous ways, are considered good business practices. The issue of same-sex marriage is just one more for the pile.

My advice to the Muslim community would be to remember that we are very blessed to have a source of guidance concerning what is right and wrong that comes straight from Allah. Who better than the Creator to tell us what is best for His Creation? Allah states in the Quran, “and if you were to obey most of those on earth, they will lead you away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture, they do nothing but lie” (6:116). No matter what people around us decide, think, or feel, our guidance comes directly from Allah and we should always turn to Him for the betterment of our own lives. Remember that your Islam starts with you first. Focus on you, as the Prophet (saw) had his followers do when they were in the early period of Islam, and you will find peace. Moreover, you will influence those around you with your own good character.

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