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Survey: One Step Towards Better Atlanta Masjids

Survey: One Step Towards Better Atlanta Masjids

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As someone who cares deeply about the condition of our masjids and the importance of improving them, I will be embarking on a journey to research the status of Atlanta masjids. Discovering the condition of our masjids reveals a great deal about the condition of our communities. This survey will be unique in that it will not be geared towards the masjid leaders, but rather the community members. The purpose of the survey is to hear the community’s voice regarding the services and the relevancy of the masjids they attend (or don’t attend). Our masjids are, or rather should be, the heart and soul of our communities. Through this survey, I hope to discover if our hearts and souls are in good condition or are in a state of cardiac arrest.

I do not wish to use the findings of this survey to shame or point out weaknesses of any particular masjid. Rather, this data is meant to record a pulse of our community as a whole and improve our masjids for the better. Just as a doctor must run tests prior to offering medicine, we must do the same with our masjids by finding out what exactly where the problems lie. As the unmosqued sentiment continues to spread amongst groups of Muslims and even in conferences, we must perform our duty and confront the key issues. Addressing problems directly is more beneficial than theorizing and making broad statements regarding our masjids and masjid leadership.

If you’re interested in helping out with this survey I would greatly appreciate your response! I am hoping that, with your help, this survey will allow us to record an accurate pulse of our community and take the first step in improving our masjids.

If enough responses are gathered, the results of the survey will be presented on by the end of Ramadan inshAllah. Thanks to everyone for their support!

Please find the survey here.

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