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With Apna Ghar Home Care opening its second branch in Atlanta, Georgia, community based care is connecting seniors to community services that can help keep them healthy at home.  This means better coordinated care and improved patient health outcomes with a sense of shared responsibility.  Hospital stays can be shortened and the number of patients sent home and later readmitted can be reduced with effective home care.  Months of hard work and collaborating with Michigan based Apna Ghar’s Founder, Mrs. Shaista Kazmi, Mrs. Shomaila Riaz Khan, the founder of NGO Helping the Community, is at the forefront in opening this agency in Atlanta to bring help to the families that are in need of such services. Through Helping the Community and her lengthy experience volunteering at ICNA Relief Shifa Clinic, Shomaila Riaz Khan saw a genuine opportunity to provide a support system for elder care that is built on traditional values and decided to bring this initiative to the Atlanta area. Amidst many ongoing projects working with other NGO’s and Groups to help those in need, Mrs. Khan witnessed a section of the elderly population that seem abandoned, lonely, and not at their full potential. In sync with Shaista Kazmi’s journey to meet the need for culturally sensitive home health care, Shomaila Riaz Khan is working to promote Apna Ghar’s vision which is two-fold: to bring the necessary resources and expertise so the community can become self-sustaining by giving opportunities to those in need to receive free paid training/certification for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant as well as to help them get a job with APNA GHAR home care. For their efforts to improve the lives of South Asian Americans, Mrs. Kazmi and Mrs. Khan overcame significant obstacles to tackle some of the most challenging health problems facing their communities.

Apna Ghar’s home aides can help their clients with many activities of daily living and providing excellent care.  The staff, working in a respectful and courteous fashion, supports the clients and encourages them to be an integral part of the community by meeting their faith needs and keeping in touch with their cultures.  Their staffing background helps them put their fingers on the pulse of what makes a strong caregiver client match.  The service focuses on promoting the social stimulation and recreational activities that may improve and maintain physical and cognitive function.  APNA GHAR can provide options and opportunities that families may not know exist.  Sadness, guilt, helplessness and anxiety are just some of the feelings that can arise during the decision making process.  When it’s time to take the next step with an aging family member, let APNA GHAR’s belief that having the right people for the right level of care bring peace of mind for the client and the family.  “From our family to your family.”


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