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An Open Letter to Mr. Trump

An Open Letter to Mr. Trump

Author Dr. Omar M. Lattouf by

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Mr. Trump. You are wrong.

I am Proud to be American and I will defend America from terrorism irrespective of who the terrorists are or claim to be.

I have great investment in America; an investment that spans nearly five decades of hard and productive work.

My investment in America has transformed a young college student who came here in 1970 into a physician with responsibility for the lives of thousands of people whom I have been honored to care for.

My investment in America “awarded” me three beautiful American–born children from my marriage to my wife of thirty-one years.

My investment in America has given me pride and respect and sense of good citizenship.

My investment in America has provided me with wonderful memories and good feelings every time I came in to the Atlanta International Airport after a long international flight to be greeted by the immigration officer with “Welcome Home”.

My investment in America has given me the taste of my fellow Christian, Jewish and others standing – up to defend my rights by speaking loudly against bigotry.

My investment in America has given me the taste of kindness when Synagogues and Churches open their places of worship to their fellow Muslim citizens to pray when mosques come under attack.

My investment in America has given me an unequalled sense of pride when my youngest daughter was chosen to be a captain in her college’s orientation day.

My investment in America touches my innermost feelings when moms and dads, daughters and sons give me a warm hug after I had spent hours operating on the hearts of their loved ones.

My investment in America has expanded my family into the thousand of all those families I took as my patients and they trusted me, and took me into their hearts as I took them into mine.

Mr. Trump, you cannot and will never be able take America from my heart. America has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and to my family.

I love America; I love America for a very simple and selfish reason. I love America because America has treated me better than anyone or anything I have experienced in my life.

I love America because, America gave me the freedom to learn, study, teach, conduct research, and help others.

I love America because it gave me the freedom to practice my religion without fear or intimidation, even better than countries that consider themselves “protectors of the faith”.

Mr. Trump, if you want to look for us in the war against terrorism and defending the homeland against any terrorist groups irrespective of what political or religious false claim, look at the very front row.

You will find us their defending America, the one we love.

Omar M Lattouf MD PHD FACC FACS Professor of Surgery / Cardiothoracic Emory University Atlanta Georgia

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