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Op-Ed Workshop Coming to Atlanta

Op-Ed Workshop Coming to Atlanta

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Mark your calendars.

On Aug. 22 in Atlanta, the Islamic Speakers Bureau plans to host a workshop designed to help American Muslims through the process of writing and publishing an editorial.

"There is so much that the Muslim community sees in the media and wants to reply to,” said Alan Howard, a member of the ISB. “However, most of us do not have the skill set to do so.”

To help Georgia Muslims build this skillset, the ISB plans to host the Op-Ed Workshop in coordination with an editor from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a professor from Georgia State University.

“We are doing so with top notch experts in the field,” Howard said.

Politicians once wrote most published editorials, but experts in various fields of endeavor--economy, health, the environment--now write such articles. All use the power of words to make people think differently about an issue of community importance or take a certain action.

To explore the possibilities of this communication vehicle, the Islamic Speakers Bureau plans to hold a workshop Aug. 22 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce members of Georgia Muslim community to the op-ed: how it can be used to advance reasoned, fact-based ideas; how to reach a wide variety of individuals, all at the same time; and how to win support, find allies, build public awareness, create an ‘Opinion Leader,’ or spark public debate. Andre Jackson, editorial page Editor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution notes that fact-based, persuasive opinion should always have a central role in American civic discourse. He suggests that in today's environment of shrill arguments based on emotion rather than substantive fact, such opinion is needed more than ever.

"That makes the crafting and presentation of well-researched, snappily written op-ed articles an important part of public debate and conversation around the gravely important issues and causes of this age," Jackson said.

The primary purpose of the op-ed is to define a problem and offer a solution. Whining does not accomplish anything. But a measured discussion of an issue--with a plausible and preferable solution may do so.

Jackson added that "America’s success as a nation and society depends to no small degree on our ability as a nation to do that work well."

The workshop’s planned speakers include Dr. Richard Welch, who teaches Communication and Journalism at Georgia State University, Mr. Andre' Jackson, Editorial Editor at the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Mr. Alan Howard of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta.

Space is limited and details for registration for the workshop is available here.

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