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Islamic Speakers Bureau Recognizes "Dynamic" Female Leaders

Islamic Speakers Bureau Recognizes "Dynamic" Female Leaders

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The Islamic Speakers Bureau has marked Women’s History Month by releasing a special newsletter recognizing “dynamic” female Muslim leaders in Georgia.

“Every March, we look forward to honoring and celebrating the achievements of women throughout our nation's history,” the ISB said in a statement. “In this special newsletter, the ISB recognizes leading Muslim women in Georgia. These under 30 dynamic leaders are paving the way for the future.”

Among those recognized this year:

  • Zainab Alwan, an attorney who focuses on immigration law

  • Amena Yassin Abbas, a graduate student who teaches at Al Huda Islamic Center

  • Yasmin Amer, a journalist with CNN

  • Sadiya Dhanani, a senior at Georgia Tech who plans to attend medical school and focus on Muslim mental health

  • Tiffany Eberhard, an environmental activist

  • Aisha Yaqoob, a graduate student who volunteers with numerous Muslim organizations, including Islamic Relief USA, the ISB, and the Atlanta Young Muslim Professionals.

  • Safia Ansari, President of the Atlanta Muslim Young Professionals (AMYP)

  • Sarah Ayfer Ozturk, Turkish-American Muslim involved in the Islamic Society of Augusta

  • Bryonna Mathews, graduate of Emory University's nursing school

  • Yasmeen Sabir, offers more than a decade of social community development

  • Sameera Omar, active community builder on Georgia Tech's campus and involved in hosting and organizing multiple TED conferences and co-founded Startup Exchange

  • Reem Faruqi, author of children's books. Her first book titled "Lailah's Lunchbox" will be released in June 2015

  • Daarina Farooq Jannah, Atlanta based creative designer in the event design industry

Click here to view the first and second newsletters.

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