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Continuing the Legacy, Changing the Narrative

Continuing the Legacy, Changing the Narrative

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We’ve heard references to the great mathematicians, scientists, poets, and scholars of the past – these influential Muslims have been ingrained in the history books, but not forgotten. The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta would like to honor those who are continuing the legacy of these great Muslims.

The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims initiative is bringing light to the change makers in your communities. These are the men and women who are advancing the Muslim narrative by continuing to excel in their fields of work and service. They are academics, business & community leaders, engineers, philanthropists, politicians & law enforcers, scientists, doctors, and the up-and-coming young professionals.

100GAMuslims are men and women who are leaders who transform vision into action, surmount challenges, break down barriers, and spark innovation. They work to attain success for their organizations and communities, transform the landscape of business, nonprofits, or government, and inspire good will in others.

Those selected for this award were nominated by friends and family who can attest to the influence of these illustrious Muslims. After a rigorous judging process, the honorees were selected by a panel of independent judges who, themselves, represent the best and brightest of Georgia leaders.

A historic event will take place on September 20, 2014. The first of its kind, the ISB of Atlanta will host a gala to honor those selected for the 100 Influential Georgia Muslims Award. With broadcast legend, Monica Pearson as the emcee, the gala will feature the accomplishments and honor the legacies of great these great Muslims.

In addition to honoring those selected, the 100 Influential Georgia Muslims Initiative aims to change the narrative about Muslims in America. The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta aims to foster long-term relationships as an effective process for understanding Islam and Muslims. Using this platform, the ISB hopes to promote the work of Muslim Americans for their contributions to the general community and in the industries they represent.

For a full list of honorees, visit our website at Follow us on social media to see profiles and photos of the honorees. Check out the spot created by the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters for the event. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the gala on September 20th at

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