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GA’s Muslim Heritage on Display --After Malcolm Installation Closes Oct 25!

GA’s Muslim Heritage on Display --After Malcolm Installation Closes Oct 25!

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Bilali Manuscript

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Did you know that pre-Civil War Georgia was home to America’s largest Muslim community—men, women, and children who lived and labored in the Georgia Sea Islands?

Did you know that one of the Muslims from the Sea Islands—a West African man named Bilali Muhammad—left behind one of the few documents to both demonstrate West Africa’s literary heritage, as well as inaugurate Black America’s literary heritage?

Bilali Muhammad’s manuscript, also known as the “Ben Ali Diary,” is currently on display at Kennesaw State University’s Zuckerman Museum for a limited time—the exhibit closes October 25.

The Hearsay exhibit includes a display of materials relating to the After Malcolm Digital Archive, created by an Atlanta-based grassroots collective of scholars, activists, and students inspired by their love for all things Islam in America.

After introducing the After Malcolm Digital Archive to the public at Georgia State University last November, the After Malcolm team has worked diligently to collect and digitize historical documents, audio-visual materials, and oral histories. The goal: Preserving the heritage of Georgia’s Muslims and disseminating the achievements of American Muslims to the larger public.

Indeed, this is the first time that a major Georgia public institution has featured the state’s Muslim heritage so prominently. From the Bilali Manuscript to Elijah Muhammad’s star & crescent fez (stitched in Pakistan, but worn in Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago) to an original documentary film...the After Malcolm installation is not to be missed!

Make that drive out to Kennesaw now, and bring friends, family, neighbors and colleagues!

*The After Malcolm Installation is part of the Hearsay Exhibition at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, located at 492 Prillaman Way, Kennesaw, GA 30144 on KSU’s main campus. Visit this link for directions.
**The museum is open Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday from 11 AM-4 PM. Admission is free.
***Don’t forget to grab the exhibit brochure (called Excerpts), sign the guestbook, and thank museum staff for the After Malcolm Installation.

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