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An Open Letter to My iPhone

An Open Letter to My iPhone

Author Aisha Yaqoob by

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Over the past few years, you have infiltrated my life. You have become part of my family, part of my daily routine, and almost part of my being. You are the key to my car and the window to my world. Your bright lights shine in my face when I awake and your loud sirens ruin my dreams.

Before we met, I promised I would never become THAT person. I would never become that person who longs for your soft keys and worries when you are lost. I never wanted it to be this way.

But alas, life happened. I grew fonder of you. You made me laugh when I was bored. You helped me find my way when I was lost. You connected me to a world of people – or so I thought.

We are more connected than ever, but why now, do we feel even more alone? How can something so small, so thin, so light – have this effect on a world of people? Was it supposed to be this way?

You and your friends have plagued the world. The blackberries, the androids, and your enemies: the Samsungs – I blame you all. One by one, you infect our people; you remove them from this world and transport them to a world that doesn’t exist. They are no longer here.

They say we need a break; some time off. We tried that. One weekend, four weeks – but nothing has changed. You are still the same, and I am still chained.

So last month when you fell, when you shattered, I thought maybe I dropped you subconsciously. I hate how you made me feel. I hate that I was heartbroken.

But the mourning didn’t last very long. Suddenly, I felt empowered. I woke up free from your demanding glow and on my own accord. I allowed myself to look up at people’s faces, and not at their names. I spent more time in my world, and less time in yours. I was fully prepared for a change.

No offense, but I was excited to get rid of you.

I began talking of simpler times and easier days; of flip-phones and camera-less blocks. I envisioned myself retreating back to ancient times with a dumb-phone.

And then you happened – again. You reminded me of the good times. You came out brand new, bigger and bolder than ever. Your big-faced, iPhone 6 Plus. You teased me with your ApplePay and superb camera. Your newest features called my name and convinced me that I could not survive with a simple phone.

So I gave in.

And here we are again. It’s just me and you.

Will things be different? Will you give me some space? Will you allow me to be my old self again?

I know it’s not all your fault. I am weak, constantly giving in to your newest charms. But help me become a better person. Help me achieve my goals, instead of distracting me from them. Help me get to know my community, instead of removing me from them.

We’re in this together, babe. It’s me and you till the end.

Don’t let me down.

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