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5 Reasons Atlanta is the Place to be in 2014

5 Reasons Atlanta is the Place to be in 2014

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Aric Jaye

When we often think of vibrant and active Muslim communities we think of DC, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and other major cities in the US. However, very few add Atlanta to that list. Things are changing though and Atlanta is becoming a vibrant and active community. Having lived in DC for close to 5 years and coming back to Atlanta and seeing the growth in activism is exciting to see. I’m excited about the rising leaders, activists, business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in the Muslim community here in Atlanta. Inshallah, together with our hard work and effort we will be putting Atlanta on the map in 2014!

Here are 5 reasons Atlanta is the place to be in 2014:

1. We Have A Growing and Active Young Professional Community

In the past 2-3 years Atlanta has seen the rise of an active young professional community which has rallied itself to become a demographic that is having a big and positive impact on the community. Young professionals have become involved in local masjids, non-profit organizations, and local projects.

We have some rising community leaders from the young professional community who want to take Atlanta to the next level through their community service, leadership, professional skills and experience.

2. We Have some Awesome Small Businesses and Social Entrepreneurs

Several small businesses entrepreneurs have started up in Atlanta and some of the most innovative minds in the country are in Atlanta. Two examples are True Financial, a financial coaching company and Alfenn a graphic design and branding company.

There are also several non-profits in the Atlanta area that are doing great work as well like Share Atlanta which serve the underprivileged, poor and homeless in Atlanta. There are also several initiatives like the Muslim Wellness Foundation-Atlanta chapter which will be a chapter of the Muslim Wellness Foundation—an organization dedicated to educating, training and raising awareness about mental health well-being in the Muslim community.

3. We Have Great Masjids and Programs

There are some great masjids that are doing great work including the Madina Institute, the Roswell Community Masjid, Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam and others. The masjids have great programs, events and relevant khutbahs that speak to the issues facing the Muslim community. These masjids are on the rise and will put Atlanta on the map with their excellent programs, events and leadership.

We’re blessed to have the likes of Sheikh Ninowy, Sheikh Mendes, Imam Sabree and Imam Hamid in our community to be our teachers and leaders so be on the lookout for events and programs with these amazing scholars!

4. We have Great and Diverse Restaurants

Atlanta has a lot of great halal restaurants and ethnic restaurants ranging from Mexican, Ethiopian, Indian, Pakistani, Mediterranean, and Italian.

5. We Have Active and Awesome Youth

Our MSAs and high school youth are active and have a passion to serve the community through various programs, events. The GA MSA Council is a great organization that unites all of GA’s MSA leaders and MIST-Atlanta is another great organization that keeps high school youth active and passionate about their Muslim identity. Many of the community leaders we see today are former MSA leaders and MIST-Atlanta competitors (mashallah). So these organizations are producing quality leaders for the Atlanta community!

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