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5 Ways to Improve Your Tarawih Experience

5 Ways to Improve Your Tarawih Experience

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Many of us have gone through one Ramadan after another, gone to our local masjid iftaars, and even attended our local masjid’s tarawih. There are several resources out there on how to improve one’s Ramadan experience, but what I’d like to focus on is improving one’s tarawih experience. Tarawih prayers are an excellent way for one to reconnect with the Quran through the recitation of the Quran.

1) Find a Masjid Who Has a Reciter Who’s Recitation You Enjoy

This is important to ensuring your tarawih experience is pleasant. The more beautiful and easy-to-understand the recitation the better your experience.

2) Arrive Early for Isha Salah

Try to arrive before Isha salah starts so you can ease into the tarawih prayer afterwards rather than rush into it by coming late. This will help you adjust yourself and make you feel more comfortable.

3) Review What will be Recited

You don’t want to stand in tarawih prayer and not have any idea of what is being recited. Use this opportunity to review the Quran, the themes, the language, the concepts, and rulings. You can find “buzz words” that are common in the Quran and get a general understanding of what is being recited even if you don’t understand the verses completely. For example, when  you here “Adam” or “Musa” you know that the verses are talking about the Prophet Adam (AS) and Musa (AS). Even if that’s all you catch try to concentrate on their stories and lessons.

A great way to review what will be recited is by going to this tafsir (explanation of the verses):

And to know what surahs (chapters) and ayahs (verses) are going to be recited use this list: quranin30days/a/juz_index.htm

4) Read the English Translation Before

Try to read the English translation of what will be recited before tarawih prayers so you can get a general idea of what is being discussed in the section of the Quran that is being recited.

5) Try to Read the Same Verses and Surahs Before Tarawih

The more you read the Quran before tarawih prayers the more vocabulary you’ll pick up and the more verses you’ll understand as they’re being recited. Not only will you know where certain verses are but you’ll start recognizing themes, concepts, and words as they are being recited in tarawih prayers.

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