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Prophetic Ways to Maximize Your Earnings - 3 of 15

Prophetic Ways to Maximize Your Earnings - 3 of 15

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What is the third way increase your rizq/earnings? Put your trust in Allah.

As human beings, putting our trust in anything is one of the hardest things to do. It is even hard for many Muslims because of all the things happening in the world and our daily lives. But we must realize that nothing occurs except with the will of Allah, and that whatever does occur only occurs because of His divine wisdom.

Indeed, a true believer understands that everything has purpose, even situations that we dislike. A true believer accepts the will of Allah without getting angry or questioning His Will. A true believer realizes that Allah has decided what is best, and has full faith in whatever Allah decrees.

The topic of putting one’s trust in Allah is frequently misunderstood. The true meaning of putting your trust in Allah is attaching your heart to Him and resigning your fate to Him. The person who truly puts his or her trust in Allah realizes that there is no power to attain good, or avert evil, except with Allah, and that all blessings and tribulations are a result of Allah's decree.

However, let it be known that putting your trust in Allah does not mean that you give up the actions necessary to achieve your goals. You still have to put in the work. In fact, trusting Allah requires a believer to work hard and strive in permissible ways to achieve what is desired while understanding that such efforts will not produce the desired results unless Allah wills it.

Putting your trust in Allah doesn't mean being lazy or waiting for a miracle to happen without doing your part to make it happen.

We have all heard the story of the Bedouin who asked the Prophet (SAW), "Should I tie my camel or should I put my trust in Allah?” He replied, “Tie it up, then trust in Allah."*

This sound hadith is clear proof that we must trust in Allah while doing our part as well.

But what is the proof that trusting Allah increases one's earnings?

It is reported that the Prophet (SAW) said," If you were to put your trust in Allah the way that Allah deserves, then you would be provided as the birds are; they leave (in search of food) at the beginning of the day famished, and they return that the end of the day full." ** This Hadith describes the true essence of doing your part and placing trust in Allah, proving that the true believer will taste the fruits of his trust.

If you really ponder this, it makes completely sense. We do not make good grades in college if we do not study. Have you heard the saying, luck is where preparation meets opportunity? I firmly believe that we do the preparing and Allah creates the opportunity.

So be prepared and let the decree of Allah do the rest.

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