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100 Georgia Muslims

100 Georgia Muslims

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The "100 Influential Georgia Muslims" ( will honor Georgia leaders who happen to be Muslims for their extraordinary impact.

"These men and women are leaders who transform vision into action, surmount challenges, break down barriers, and spark innovation," said Islamic Speakers Bureau founder and executive director Soumaya Khalifa in making the announcement. "They work to attain success for their organizations and communities."

The "100 Influential Georgia Muslims" is an initiative of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta ( and the objective is to recognize individuals who have made a difference in our state as well as provide role models for the youth.

Tell us about the Georgia Muslim you know who positively challenges those around him/her and instills passion, conviction, and confidence in others. We are looking for influential men and women who make a difference and cause change. They are known for their abilities to lead, adapt, collaborate, inspire, and advance.

Nominations will be accepted from anyone who has personal knowledge of the individual and can attest to his or her contribution to the State of Georgia. Deadline for submitting nominations is April 30th, 2014 and can be submitted here:

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