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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

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The AMYP Series is a periodic posting by its Social Committee to give muslims in Atlanta real and personal outlooks on the Atlanta Muslim Community. Different topics of ethnic shopping centers, arts/entertainment, hot spots, restaurants, sight seeing, and more.

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I'll let you in on a secret - desserts are a weakness of mine. The sweeter the better; a moist chocolate cake, a creamy fun-flavored ice cream, a flaky cinnamon doughnut with buttercream icing – every single thing just makes the world a better place... at least in my head!

What's great about this city-- is Atlanta is known for its delicious food! It's a melting pot filled with different ethnic food that spreads joy and happiness. Now, as a non-native to this city I decided to take it upon myself to combine two things I love – food and new places. In my journey of exploration, I uncovered gems and found rocks I wished I never turned over. I won't list all my favorites because it would just mean a lengthy post for you to read and way too many pictures (because I'm one of those people that sees nothing wrong with filling an Instagram account with pictures of dessert – It's an important meal that should not be missed)!!

Now have you ever woken up on a Saturday or Sunday and needed a post-work week pick-me up? Some place that offers food so delicious it would knock your socks off? Well look no further than Dutch Monkey Doughnuts. It's my favorite go-to place for a weekend pick-me-up. Now before you get too excited, I should warn you, Dutch Monkey is in Cumming, GA. For those of you who are unaware of where this is at, let me fill you in on the details. It's often referred to as TN with my friends since it so far north on GA-400 the roads go into two lanes. Personally, I don't think it is a bad of a drive, but it is 20 miles north of the northern perimeter... So it might be a stretch for some. Regardless of the distant, this is still my first and foremost recommendation for everyone. Why? Because it offers a great selection of doughnuts and pastries that make the world go round. There are six tiers worth of tasty treats just waiting for you to try! I promise you, you will find a favorite because the food there is delicious!!

I know that Atlanta itself offers great food and I do urge everyone to go out and try something new! Have fun, experiment with something different; don't be afraid to travel a little bit further for something new. Life's an adventure just waiting to be explored!

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