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How To Love A Muslim Man

How To Love A Muslim Man

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"There is a warm feeling I get deep in my core when I see couples express their love in public. I can't help to fantasize about the father who's out on a Saturday morning with his two children giving his wife the much needed break she deserves because he appreciates all that she does and wants her to have downtime.

It is the wife who rushes home after work to prepare her extremely hardworking husband dinner so that she can greet him at the door with a smile and his favorite meal, that makes me want to do all that I can to help as many couples experience this type of marriage.

As a fairly new resident to Atlanta, exactly one year in a couple days, I wanted to make sure my new found life is full of passion, purpose, and helping others.

I wrote "How To Love A Muslim Man: 100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Men" for the future of our communities. Divorce has plagued the nation, leaving our families in turmoil, broken, and in some cases destitute. In order for our nation to be successful, we need strong communities and families, and our family's success rides on the success of the marriage. In interviewing Muslim Men from all around the globe representing various ethnic backgrounds, social classes, and professions, including Scholars, Imams, doctors, lawyers, students, blue collar workers, 2 politicians, I have learned what they really want in a mate. My approach is to combine this information with with Quran and Sunnah, and offer my readers both insight and advice to get their marriages back on track.

From the many interviews I was amazed to find that Muslim men want to be loved just as bad as their counterparts but almost never express this. I also found that men translate respect into love. The more you respect them the more they will love you. Finally, I loved the fact that so many of the men expressed how powerful women really are but unfortunately most don't know it and this leads into unecessary stress and unecessary separation.

'How To Love A Muslim Man' is just one of many initiatives to bridge the communication gaps between spouses and inspire them to work diligently towards repairing our distorted views about marriage so that the world can be a better place."

"Remember to step into your light, there are people waiting for what you have to offer". - Hujrah Wahhaj

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