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1433 'Management and Administration Good Practices' Grant

1433 'Management and Administration Good Practices' Grant

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"..., the real advantage was going through the grant assessment process and getting a very detailed report of the status of our institutional elements." The statement of the RCM operation manager about the Management and Administration Good Practices grant sums up the intent of the grant. Taking advantage of the evaluation of their organization to develop a 3-year strategy plan was another testimony of the type of organizational developing opportunities that could be created through the grant.

Looking forward, the 1433 grant will be open for all Masajid in the Atlanta area. If you would like to see your Masjid participate in the 1433 grant, please have the administrator or operation manager send an email of interest to before end of May. A response will be in the form of the plan write up and application.

The grant is awarded based on the following practices:

Planning: Addressing fiscal needs and community growth

Control Self Assessment: Demonstrating a minimum level of self imposed check-and- balance practices mitigating common operation risk

Informed Community: Demonstrating communication with the community

Stakeholders Management: Demonstrating managing relations with neighbors, other Islamic institutes, local authorities and jurisdictions

The grant plan and participation form will be emailed to those who have expressed their interest in participating. Following is the Grant Timeline and Major Events


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