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Meaningful Prayer Seminar @ AlFarooq

Meaningful Prayer Seminar @ AlFarooq

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Time & Date

October 21: 7PM-10PM
October 22 & 23: 12AM-8PM


Masjid Al-Farooq


Open to all ages above 10. No background in Arabic necessary.



Why is This Course Important?

Salah is the core act of worship in Islam, and every Muslim strives to improve the quality of their prayer. The first step to attaining true serenity in prayer is to have complete comprehension of every part of the prayer, and that is what this class aims to do.

What Will You Accomplish After Taking This Class?

Full understanding of all the phrases and adhkar of the salah – giving the one performing prayer full cognizance and understanding of everything he or she is saying during the course of their prayer.

Pre-Requisites for This Course?

The seminar is designed for people with or without extensive background in Arabic. It is however recommended that the attendee possess knowledge of at least reading Arabic text, even if without comprehension. The goal of the seminar is embedded in its title; that it becomes easier for its attendees to achieve a meaningful prayer.

What Are Other Students Saying About It?

Last weekend, I attended the Meaningful Prayers in Windsor, ON, and I have to make this ostentatious and cheesy statement: This class was the most practical class I have ever taken in my life. I used the words ostentatious and cheesy because I have taken plethora of weekend seminars and many of them were beneficial and amazing; hence, for me to say that this particular class was “the most” practical probably doesn’t do justice to other seminars, but I feel I am forced to make this statement.?? This past Ramadan, one of my goals was to improve the quality of my salah (prayer). I had read books and listened to lectures on?developing khushu’ etc. I had also studied many tafseer books available in English language to deeply understand the meaning of al-Fatihah. The quagmire that I encountered in my journey was the wordings of different adhkar in the salah. The translations would literally made me want to pull my hair. In fact, originally I had?wanted to memorize various adhkar to vary the recitations and to generate more concentration during salah. However, the very first? du’a in Hisn al-Muslim book (Allaahumma ba’ed baynee…) that I wanted to memorize got me very frustrated, I couldn’t make sense out of its? translation, hence, it was an utterly formidable task for me to memorize it. I became hopeless, and basically trashed one of my major ?goals, although I knew subconsciously that there is a problem with the resource that I have, not with the dhikr/du’a itself.?? Alhamdulilah, Sheikh Abdul Nasir explained almost all of the important statements said in the salah, and not a single piece of information, I? felt, was irrelevant. In fact, it was very practical and is now helping me improve the quality of my salah. Congratulations to both? Bayyinah and the instructor. I ask Allah to reward you all with the best of rewards in this world and in the Hereafter, ameen.?? Your sister and student,? Mariam R.

I found the shaykh very patient and kind while teaching; he was almost like a parent holding their child by the hand, helping them learn to walk. Very inspiring and funny. I pray that he comes back to Ottawa.

Wonderful class, Alhamdulillah! ??Jazak Allahu Khair ya Shaykh Abdul Nasir for helping us to strengthen our salaat and khushoo.' It really opened my eyes to the beauty and majesty of the Quran and the language it was written in….There were some words or phrases that I thought I was already familiar with, but the Shaykh always delved into its deeper meaning, making it even more significant. Example: 'Allahu Akbar' literally means 'Allah is Greater,' not 'Allah is Great,' like most people assume. But Allah is Greater than what, exactly? Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala left this open because He is Greater than anything and everything!!! SubhaanAllah, the eloquence of the Quran and the supplications we say in salaat and our daily lives are truly unmatched to anything in this life, wa alhamdulillah!

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