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Interview with Dr. Abubaker [GA-APPNA]

Interview with Dr. Abubaker [GA-APPNA]

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GA-APPNA Volunteers

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On November 19th, Dr. Roohi Abubaker and team of prominent volunteers organized a free and open clinic day to administer flu vaccines and other critical health screening. This effort was under the umbrella of Georgia Chapter of Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (GA-APPNA). The parent organization, APPNA coordinated free health screenings and flu vaccination at their local health clinics and community centers in chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

Dr. Abubaker received her medical education in Pakistan, and came to the US in 1994 with her husband. She held off her residency until 2004 during which which time she was studying for her board and raising her family. She is also a mother of two kids and an Atlanta resident. She finished her residency in 2008 from the Morehouse School of Medicine where she received the 'best resident' award. She then started working at Atlanta VA Medical Center where many of her patients are Iraqi veterans. She was elected as a president of GA-APPNA in 2011.

Dr. Abubaker was grateful to Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee who offered her clinic (First Medical Care in Decatur) for this event. 15 volunteers from the medical profession including Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, medical students participated in this event. This team of volunteers helped in administering over 80 flu vaccines along with offering other critical checkups.

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