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A Time to Ponder: MAS Family Camp

A Time to Ponder: MAS Family Camp

Author Aya Eldahshoury by

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Areej Taha

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Aya is aspiring writer and an Atlanta Resident - Her first article is about her experience with the Muslim American Society (MAS) Family retreat a few weeks ago that was held at the Indiana Springs State Park in Flovilla, Georgia

October 28th was a perfect time for me to be able to turn off my cell phone and laptop, soak up as much of the breath taking natural scenery as possible, spend time with my friends and family and of course play a friendly game of kickball. It's a time each year that I get to spend away from all the hustle and bustle of the usual everyday life and get my self re-focused and recharged.

This fun-filled spiritual experience was held at Indiana Springs State Park in Flovilla, Georgia, where Roswell Community Masjid's Muslim American Society (MAS) youth group hosted its fourth annual MAS Family Camp.

Directed by Kareem Al-Muliki, this year's three-day camp was a wonderful experience to many who were able to vacation from their everyday lives, get a chance to refresh with friends, family, and connect with the surrounding nature.

With the changing of the leaves, the sparkling lakes glistening in the warm morning sun, and the lively garden located about a minute away from the camp, the scenery was enough to make everyone forget about the chilly weather.

Speakers at the camp included Imam Bilal Ali and Ehab Jaleel, who gave heart-felt sessions surrounding this year's theme: Positive Change From Within. The talks gave me and everyone else something to think about and ways to implement what was being said into our day-to-day routine.

We talked about the importance of family and creating a healthy and strong relationship with the ones you love, the importance of avoiding hypocrisy at all times, and the importance of creating a better image of the Muslim society by involving yourself in charitable events that greatly affect many lives of Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

I had a lot to think about long after the speakers concluded their sessions! It was one of those moments where I was spiritually pumped and ready to input what they where saying into my life immediately, but I also thought about how it always happens like this, doesn't it? A speaker gives a heart warming speech and then we are all newly revived to get out there and spread as much da'wa and give all our money to the local mosques until maybe forty-five minutes to an hour later, but I remember clearly what one of the brothers was saying. He spoke of how important it is to always remember Allah in everything we do and how taking even small steps can begin to help us improve in our everyday lives and to always remember that Allah is there for us and if our intentions are pure and good he will be there to help us along the way. It was a nice nudge to remind us all of the most important things in life.

After long fun-filled days, everyone had settled around the campfire roasting marshmallows and making each other smile. Alhamdulillah, I think it is safe to say that many of we us are looking forward to next year's MAS Family Camp.

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