Noor Family Services Corporation

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Noor Family Services is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was formed in 2015 to fill a need in the community for confidential, culturally-sensitive services and assistance to immigrant communities experiencing crisis due to family violence and abuse. These crises may be exacerbated due to language barriers, cultural stigmas, and emotional challenges such as loneliness, depression, abuse, violence or just the need for a friendly ear.  NFS is available to answer questions for clients in crisis or needing guidance to prevent a crisis situation.  NFS will listen and provide referrals, as well as provide legal and advocacy services as necessary.

Although Noor Family Services is most commonly related to providing culturally-sensitive services for foreign-born and immigrant women and children impacted by domestic violence, NFS provides services to all victims regardless of gender. and background. Services are grouped into three primary program areas:

(1)Legal Advocacy Services: NFS provides pro-bono legal assistance and support to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as they engage with the legal system. These services include obtaining and enforcing protective orders, pursuing divorce and child custody issues, as well as other legal matters including modifications, contempt actions, alimony, child support and mediation.


(2)Referral/Crisis Management: NFS's focus is to provide immediate access to safety and shelter. NFS's services in this area include crisis call staffing, intake assessments, shelter referral and housing/relocation, therapeutic services, such as counseling and support group, life and career coaching, transportation assistance and food and essential provisions. 


(3)Education & Outreach: Public education is critical to preventing future domestic violence incidents in iimmigrant communities.  NFS's education program builds awareness and shares knowledge with the community through classes and workshops that meet a wide variety of needs and learning styles. Workshop areas include: Rights and Needs of Victims of Domestic Violence victims, Training for community members/leaders on how to provide support to victims, Cultural SensitivityTraining, Faith-Based leadership training and Continuing education for the legal and professional community (attorneys, judges, police officers and other first-responders).


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