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Are you looking to enter the non-profit sector and serve your community?


The Roswell Community Masjid (RCM) is seeking a full-time executive director to spearhead the day-to-day operations of the masjid. As RCM grows, so do the responsibilities necessary to positively and effectively serve our community.


The most important characteristics necessary for this job are selflessness and a passion for service. Also, applicants must be flexible and be able to coordinate with a large number of volunteers with various levels of availability. Other necessary skills include excellent writing and communication skills, ability to learn quickly, and a high proficiency with technology, including Microsoft Office.  


Knowledge of the RCM organization, culture, and strategy are preferred.

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Executive Director Purpose: 

Lead the team of directors, empowering them to effectively meet their yearly goals while further growing the leadership team. Ensure that the executive team’s functions are aligned with the goals and guidelines set by the Board of Trustees. Initiate and maintain all programs, events and services within the accepted criteria and within budget. Implement and maintain organizational integrity, processes, and systems across all projects.


Executive Director Responsibilities: 

Develop operational plans, incorporating goals and objectives aligned with the strategic direction of the organization.
Leadership development of directors and volunteer teams.
Provide direction and clarity regarding the scope and flexibility of RCM’s mission.
Hold RCM Leadership accountable to annual goals and objectives.
Act as a professional advisor to the Board of Directors on all aspects of the Executive Committee's activities
Review and revise organizational policies where necessary, with the approval of the Board.
Represent the organization at community activities to enhance the organization's community profile.
Collaborate with the Imam in strategizing and implementing religious programs and events as needed.
Participate and help lead monthly staff meetings
Work with staff to forecast and plan a comprehensive annual budget.
Help coordinate fundraising activities with the revenue committee.
Establish a positive, healthy, and safe work environment in accordance with all regulations.
Develop systems to measure progress and provide periodic reports as needed.
Perform designated performance reviews on appropriate director reports and follow through with the Board.
Communicate and help implement organizational initiatives, such as services, community events, special projects, etc.
Help ensure the continuity and replication of RCM culture across communities when requested.
Interact regularly with Campus Core Teams to obtain feedback, input, and progress reports. 

Executive Director Qualifications, Criteria, and Required Character Attributes: 

Self-motivated, results-oriented worker with the shared leadership mindset necessary to engage and lead teams.
Proven leadership experience, including vision casting, and strategic implementation.
Experience and interest in youth and interfaith activities.
Ability to recognize and develop future talent.
Strong communication skills, both written and oral, at all levels with firm command of English language.
Strong ability to measure success and report clearly the Board of Trustees.
Ability to administrate and prioritize varied workloads, executing appropriate judgment and confidentiality.
Continuous growth and development in the areas of marketing, social media, and office technology.
Team player with positive, servant-oriented attitude.
Knowledge of human resource management, project management, and financial management.
Basic conceptual understanding of compliance and risk management.
Knowledge of MS office suite, specially Excel.
Bachelor’s degree or above from a US accredited college; Masters degree preferred

About RCM:

Please click here to learn more about RCM’s mission, strategy, and vision.


RCM’s underlying principle is to strive for excellence (ihsan) through Islamic belief (aqeedah) and Islamic manners (akhlaq)


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