Job Description

Job Summary

Poultry Slaughterers stand at the end of a poultry processing line and ensure that any chickens

that are not fully killed by the processing machine are quickly, swiftly, and humanely put down.

At the beginning of each shift, Poultry Slaughterers make the proper intention and recite a prayer

to bless the meat as halal.


If you refer someone to this job, you are eligible for a $100 referral bonus. The bonus will be

paid after the individual has worked for 2 weeks.


Job Responsibilities

● Slaughter chickens in accordance with Islamic slaughtering guidelines

● Ensure that chickens on the processing line are fully slaughtered

● Work five shifts a week, either night or day (5am-2pm, 8pm-5am)

● Coordinate and collaborate with onsite supervisors

● Abide by safety rules and wear proper uniforms


Job Qualifications

● Must be a practicing Muslim in order to bless the meat as halal

● Must be able and willing to slaughter chickens according to Islamic standards

● Must be able to stand for an 8-hour shift

● Strong communication and time management skills



● Hourly Compensation: $14-$20 per hour

● Signing Bonus: Up to $1000

● Relocation Bonus: Up to $5000. Available depending on current location. If commuting to Gainesville, Georgia is not possible, Poultry    Slaughterers must relocate in order to access the poultry facility

● Annual Bonus: $500 payable 12 months after start date

● Referral Bonus: $100 payable after the completion of one full pay period (2 weeks)


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For more information, call (678) 696-1432 or email


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