Job Description

As salaam alaikum all. I am looking for a muslimah to assist me with the care of my children. I am looking for someone who can pick up my children in Stone Mountain and drive them to their grandmother in Powder Springs from Monday - Friday. This muslimah, insha'allah, would pick up my children around 7PM and drive to Powder Springs which takes approximately an hour. This position would pay approximately $120/ week and gas reimbursement in addition to the pay. Insha'allah this position would last from January 2020 - May 2020 or what's known as "busy season" for tax because I am a tax associate. Please feel free to contact me at (404) 731-6294 or email me at (404) 731-6294. Please be aware my children are 18 months old and 6 months old so therefore the car should be able to house car seats and I would need to see a decent motor vehicle report. JazaakumAllah Khairan.