Job Description

Math and Science teacher at Al-Furqan Academy shall be responsible for creating a classroom environment that develops in each student grade appropriate Math skills, Mathematical understanding and procedural skills to master problem solving and critical thinking abilities.
Each math teacher is required to perform the following duties:
1. Plan and implement student-centered math lessons based on Al-Furqan standards
2. Create engaging lessons that develop student critical thinking and problem solving skills
3. Strive to ensure the success of all students.
4. Continually assess student progress toward mastery of standards and keep students and parents well informed of student progress by collecting and tracking data, providing daily feedback, weekly assessments, and occasional home visits.
5. Provide necessary accommodations and modifications for growth and success of all students.
6. Attend all staff meetings and designated school functions outside of school hours.
7. Work with grade level team to address and resolve student issues.


1. US experience teaching Elementary and Middle and High school Math and Science.
2. Minimum bachelor degree in math and/or science.
3. Experience developing annual and lesson plans.
4. Certification or degree in education.
5. Background and desire to develop Science resources, projects and innovative methods of teaching students the concepts.
6. A commitment to encourage and foster intellectual curiosity.
7. A commitment to quality and rigor.


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