Job Description

Salaam everyone,

We are expanding our Cyber Security practice, focusing on the Splunk Cyber Security platform. We are looking to train approximately 30 qualified individuals who have been in the IT field and are looking to jump into Cyber Security. 

You are an ideal candidate if you already have hands-on cyber security experience. Alternatively, if you have experience with other IT principles such as  networks, systems, or enterprise applications development,  AND have a decent understanding of the business, it should be a relatively smooth transition for you.

For fresh grads and interns, this is the PERFECT opportunity to enter the Cyber Security space from the ground up, and learn from our experts to accelerate your path into the Cyber Security domain.

Seats are limited for the upcoming training session, so reply soon. Send an email to, and send the following:

- Your LinkedIn profile URL

- Your detailed resume

- Your location and willingness to travel across the US and Canada

- Your legal status (US Citizen, Green Card Holder, H1B, etc)



Faisal Ansari

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