Job Description

Greetings! Urban Ummah is a community-based collective of artists, community activists, and spiritual seekers serving as an umbrella for alternative programming that fits the underserved needs of the Muslim community in the greater Atlanta area. Urban Ummah finds the common grounds between converts, seekers, disconnected and connected young adults, indigenous and 2nd generational international Muslims by providing programming that reflects the underserved from within, and to create spaces that enrich who we are as individuals, and are inclusive to our entire diverse experiences.

For the fourth year in a row, Urban Ummah plans to host it's Ramadan iftar program. This program serves over 150 converts, new Atlanta transients, and those interested in learning about Islam each week throughout the month of Ramadan.

Urban Ummah is seeking dedicated convert (revert) volunteers to help make our Ramadan programs a success this year. Requirements are as follows:
- Must be available Thursday evenings during the month of Ramadan, and May 20 8p- 11p
- Has experience in coordinating and planning events and community activities
- Can give insight on the needs of Muslim converts
- Must be willing to dedicate a few hours a week for planning
- Has excellent communication skills, not afraid to speak to people
- Has access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet and Social Media
- Thinks outside the box
- Must be comfortable working coed.

If you are interested, please fill out a form on the following link and someone will get back to you soon! or email