Job Description

Casting Call: Walk In My Shoes - “Aisha”

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent - Virtual Reality

Project Length: Short - 2.5 minutes

Project Format: 2D, 360° video

Posted On: March ___, 2018

Production Location: Atlanta, GA

Production Company: Architek1

Director: Tyler Huyser & Dale Adams

Producer: Tyler Huyser

Casting Director: Tyler Huyser

Audition Location: TBD (Virtual & In-Person)

Shooting Location: Atlanta, GA


Compensation: $150/day for roles with asterisks, $50/day for roles without asterisks


Auditions: April 1-April 15 (Virtual)

Shooting Starts: Final Week of April

Shooting Ends: Final Week of April (each role is only needed for 1 day)


Walk In My Shoes is a package of virtual reality experiences that enables diversity training programs to humanize the experience of prejudice. By allowing individuals to walk in the shoes of minorities and experience racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism firsthand, we aim to build trust between team members and boost productivity in diverse environments, specifically workplaces, universities, and police departments.

“Aisha” allows users to experience pivotal moments of microaggressions, prejudice, and hate crimes first hand, through the perspective of a Pakistani-Muslim American girl from childhood through adolescence through adulthood.

Character BIOS:

*Zainab Rizvi - (Age 6-10) [Female, South Asian]:

Like any other typical kid, Zainab is excited to host a playdate with her newest friend, Kim, however, the less-than-warm answer she receives from Kim’s mother isn’t something she could ever anticipate...

*Zainab Rizvi - (Age 12-16) [Female, South Asian]:

While awaiting the bus after delivering a routine presentation at school, Zainab’s friend suggests that she takes a peak at a classmate’s story. However, after take a glance at the post, Zainab must cope with the shame that comes with being bullied on social media…

*Nandranie Rizvi - (Age 35-45) [Female, South Asian]:

When Nandranie’s daughter decides to begin wearing the hijab, Nandranie wants to make sure that her daughter understands the magnitude of her decision.

*Zainab Rizvi - (Age 20-25) [Female, South Asian]:

While grabbing coffee with her sister, Zainab is alarmed by another patron’s unwavering gaze. The moment just before he leaves, Zainab’s fears are confirmed when his true intentions are exposed...



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