Principles of Islamic Law (Usūl Al-Fiqh)

March 14, 2020, 10 a.m.

Classes & Workshops

3580 Sweetwater Rd. Duluth, GA. 30096
(770) 279-1200

Event Description

The main objectives of this program include providing students with the means to study their deen in an academic, traditional and practical manner. Students gain a comprehensive introductory-level understanding to three essential supplementary sciences in Islamic Studies. This gives students behind-the-scenes access to the world of Islamic scholarship to quench their thirst for knowledge and further develop their connection with their faith. Upon successful completion of this program, students will have the opportunity to continue on into the 1-year full-time program.


Madina Institute is offering a variety of on-demand programs for the benefit of the community. These include our beyond basics program that is designed to make the deeper dimensions of Islamic studies accessible for the community. Our certificate programs also include a leadership program to equip aspiring community leaders with the tools they require. This program includes courses on public speaking, family counseling, youth counseling, and interfaith studies. You will also get a certificate after successful  completion of the programs.

Our teaching methodology is unique in its process to teach students the variety of viewpoints within the bounds of Ahl’ Sunnah. This approach provides students with an unbiased understanding of many schools of thought. At Madina, we believe in providing knowledge and information, not indoctrinating a particular point of view. This results in a well-rounded seeker of knowledge. We believe in making knowledge accessible to those who are unable to seek it out in a full-time manner. We provide students with in-class instruction and one-on-one attention from each teacher.

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