Open Q&A W/ Sh. Ninowy for Converts & Newly Practicing Muslims

Feb. 29, 2020, 5 p.m.

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3580 Sweetwater Rd. Duluth, GA. 30096
(770) 279-1200

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Join us for an exclusive "No Questions Off the Table" event, just for converts/reverts, new Muslims & newly practicing Muslims as well! This is your chance -- to ask about anything you're curious or confused about, perhaps too shy to ask, or maybe you just didn't know WHO to ask! This sessions is just for YOU: free access to a reliable & renowned scholar who is both deeply knowledgeable about Islam, and also about American culture!

PLUS if you would like to submit any questions anonymously, we have an easy online form:

AND we will enjoy light refreshments afterward - a great way to meet people just like you!

NOTE: This event is NOT open to the general public. Only converts & newly practicing Muslims, ages 18+. Thank you for understanding.

Brought to you by Square 1 - at Madina Institute (Formerly "New Muslim Circle" - Education & Support for Converts & Newly Practicing Muslims).

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