Masjid Al-Mu'minun Community Leadership Awards Banquet and Gala

Oct. 5, 2019, 5 p.m.


495 N Indian Creek Dr, Clarkston, GA 30021, USA

Event Description

On October 5, 2019 Masjid Al-Mu’minun will host its fourth annual Community Leadership Awards Banquet and Gala.  The awards banquet will give recognition to Leaders within our community who have made significant social contributions towards the betterment of community life.  The proceeds from this fundraiser will go toward the development of the land located 1078 Hank Aaron Drive, SW 30315. 

Some of the suggested possible uses of the property include the development of a community grocery store, a senior living complex, retail space and a child care development center – we are not just building a Masjid.  We have a vision of establishing real tangible structures to support the values and principles only Islamic leadership can provide. 

With your sponsorship we can have a successful event that will enable Masjid Al-Mu’minun to fulfill this vision of community life and will ultimately establish and secure positive images of our deen in America.  

There will be hundreds of people in attendance and our event will be covered by local media.  We are anxiously looking forward to this great event. The awards will be held on at Georgia Piedmont Technical College located at 495 North Indian Creek Drive.

Please contact Najeeb Muhammad at 678-414-1414 or Ahmed Najeeullah at 770-712-2300 with your desired level of sponsorship.  Thank you for your time, support and vision for our community,

​Masjid Al-Mu’minun Development Committee

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