Service Project: Letters to Prisoners

May 26, 2019, 6 p.m.


Event Description

Come join RCM Service Club as we gather before RCM’s potluck community iftar to write letters to our Muslim brothers and sisters in prison.

Letters and postcards will be provided.

Children are encouraged to come. We will have art & crafts available for them to make their own personalized cards.

If you are unable to join us on Sunday, and would still like to participate, letters/postcards can be dropped off to RCM or one of the event coordinators beforehand. Envelopes should remain UNSEALED.

For more information, email Mina at

TIPS FOR WRITING 1. Write your letters in English and by hand 2. Keep it short. A few sentences, one paragraph or one-page letter of moral support and inspirational words. 3. You do not have to include your name or address the letter to a specific prisoner. 4. If you want a response from the prisoner or become pen pals, write your name and address inside the letter and on the envelope as well. 5. Refrain from discussing his/her legal case, politics, the legal system or other issues that may be hurtful or emotionally distressing for him/her. 6. Do not send other items, such as money, stamps, envelopes. Do not tape the envelope shut. 7. You can also make your own post cards. Be creative and colorful! 8. Write your letter from the heart and soul! 9. Smile and have fun writing!

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