Explore Archery Program

July 9, 2019, midnight

Classes & Workshops

735 Fayetteville Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA

Event Description

The mission of Good Aim Archery is to revive the sunnah of our beloved prophet (SAWS) by exposing youth and adults to the sport of archery in a safe and fun way. We aim to build skills in focus, concentration, patience, and consistency that will support students in life as well as in sport.


Come learn the basic of archery through our explore archery program. Explore Archery is a 6 session beginner program where students, youth and adult, learn safety, form, develop confidence and skills through fun and competitive games. 


Classes are Tuesday and Thursday. Class times varies based on age of participant. Program begins July 9, 2019. Late registration prices will be prorated.

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