Al-Falah Academy (AFA) New Campus Investment

Sept. 30, 2018, 11 a.m.

Social Events

788 Hillcrest Rd NW, Lilburn, GA 30047, USA
(678) 502-7211

Event Description

Please join us to learn about the opportunity to invest in Al-Falah's new building! This is a way to get our school building built while gaining a competitive financial return and consistent payout.

We welcome you to meet and listen to our guest speaker and Advisor Dr. Salah Al Asawy, the President of Mishkah University and the Secretary General for the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America. Previously he was Professor in the Faculty of Legislation and Law at Al-Azhar University, Professor at Umm Al Qura University, a visiting professor in the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Sciences in Washington DC., President of the American Open University Masha’Allah!

Looking forward to seeing all of you!
Jazakum Allah Kheir for your constant support to Al-Falah Academy

Al-Falah Board of Trustees

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