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Sept. 29, 2018, 11 a.m.

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2462 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30317

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“We are living in times where companies are achieving Trillion Dollar Valuations yet they are Morally Bankrupt.”


On Saturday 29- September- 2018 at My Coffee Shop of East Lake at 11AM, The Halal Businesses Inc., presents, Atlanta based author, activist, and entrepreneur Jamella Amatulah Jihad as she shares her insights as to how and why, unscrupulous business practices are being rewarded with coffers in the Trillions. Join us as Sister Jamella shares with the Public her thought provoking narrative around the constant seller, “Sin Is a Trillion Dollar Industry.”  You must be present to hear and understand how Pharmaceutical Leper Monsanto, Tax fraud, and convicted criminal Political Lobbyist Paul Manafort, The Trump Foundation, Koch Industries and numerous other corporations pocket Billions of Dollars with a total disregard for ethics and human decency. We hope you reserve your space as Sister Jamella explains the importance of creating alternative, and diverse economies to reverse this current trend of “Capitalism without Morals.”


Join Us Saturday- 29 September for complimentary Refreshments, engaging discussion in an intimate conversation with Atlanta based Author & Activist Jamella Amatalah Jihad! There has been a Trillion Dollar tax break given to the largest corporations and the wealthiest individuals in America, however, schoolteachers, and too many everyday wage earners need two, and three jobs to earn a living wage.

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