OPEN Atlanta: East Africa Relief Event

May 13, 2017, 9 a.m.

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Assalam-alaikum Fellow Atlantans,

InshaAllah on Saturday, May13th OPEN Atlanta in conjunction with Glitter of Hope and Helping Hand with the support of Masjid Omar will be doing a Food Relief program for Somalia. The goal is to raise funds and purchase the needed items here and then assemble the relief packages here to be shipped to Somalia. We will set it up like an assembly line process to get the community involved to rally around the cause.

In the past we have run a couple of programs like this and alhamdulillah received a good response in terms of the community coming together and working together from the community.

This time we want to have a more broader audience attend. Given today's environment, it is even more important that we have people from different backgrounds/faiths to come and participate. In this way people get to learn more about each other and create that community bond. Also, we are hoping that this will create more broader awareness of the crises in Somalia.

The hashtag for the program is #ATLeast1. The goal, to save #ATLeast1 Life.

So far, through the support of the community, we have alhamdulillah raised over 17k which will enable us to assemble 650 boxes for 650 families.

This is an announcement to all in the Atlanta community to please come out on Saturday May 13th and support the cause. The event will be from 9am-4pm. Come for whatever time you can and help save a life.

Here is the link to the FB Event:


Check out our video...

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