Journey Through Life - Series 1 - "Beginning of the End" - the Journey of Death

Nov. 12, 2016, 2 p.m.

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Madina Institute is hosting a year-long series of candid discussions about our journey through each of life’s phases.

While discussions of this nature normally begin with life, we are beginning the series with a reflection on death –Series 1 -The Beginning of the End, which will help you understand three things:

1. The importance of having your last will & testament in place if you have not already done so
2. Your grave
3. The afterlife

Please join us for Part 1 & 2 on Saturday, November 12th from 2:00-5:30PM at Madina Institute, as Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy will begin this important series on life and death with a detailed discussion on the Journey of the Soul: Barzakh Life in the Grave. This will be followed by Ibrahim Awad & Robert Bexley’s discussion, Your Last Good Deed: The Importance of Having a Will.

This series is being held in loving memory of Br. Khalid Omar, the father of our dear brother, Amr Omar.

To be followed by:

Series 1 (Part 3) -Practical Approach to Bathing & Shrouding at The Muslim Funeral Home on Saturday Dec 3rd from 11:00-1.30PM. This session will be conducted by Abdullah Tahir Siddiqui, Farah Baig and Nigar Yaqoob. 

Please join us as we explore our final destination.....

 "Beginning of the End" will be followed by Series 2 - "Aging Gracefully" in Feb stay tuned!

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