Straight Talk for Middle School and High School Students

May 1, 2016, 11 a.m.


345 Market Pl, Roswell, GA 30075

Event Description

This event was originally created by Roswell Community Masjid - RCM.


Join us for this important session hosted by Br Faraz Iqbal representing the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta at RCM and let's build up our self confidence to share positivity!

What is Straight Talk? Straight Talk-I is a youth workshop designed to help Middle School and High School students meet the challenges of maintaining their Muslim identity in today’s climate. They are faced with racist stereo type comments in school, as well as outside school, particularly in the media. They face challenges to their self identity as Muslims and their self esteem. A low self esteem has many effects including stress, poor performance and affects the achievement of their full potential.

Straight Talk – Youth Workshop:

In this workshop the Muslim Youth are being provided a venue where they can share what they are facing in the current environment. Areas of focus in this first workshop are as follows: 1) Talk about self-esteem, to understand what it is and how it is impacted. At the beginning of this workshop the audience will take a self-esteem survey. This survey will help ISB understand how the Muslims Youth fare when it comes to self-esteem in the different communities. 2) Developing friends and being an influencer. The concepts here come from Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. The workshops go over the 6 concepts that the youth can do to develop their friendships and be a positive influencer. 3) Discuss how the Islamic faith teaches Muslims to be tolerant of other faiths and backgrounds showing specific examples. This is to show the youth that the stereo-types and negative comments are often misconceptions. 4) Role playing scenarios. Here the audience will be split into different groups where they will be assigned a role play (a topic related to maintaining your identity). The objective is to hear how the youth would respond to those scenarios and coach them on the optimal way to handle the situation (based on what was discussed in the workshop).

At the end of the Youth Workshop the audience should walk away with a toolkit on how to maintain their identity as well as enable the youth in becoming a positive influencer in their respective social circles.

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