Grand Mawlid

Dec. 17, 2016, 4 a.m.


3580 Sweetwater Rd, Duluth, GA 30096, USA

Event Description

As Salaamu alaikum

Come celebrate with us with your family and Friends ! The 8th Annual Grand Mawlid Celebrating the Life & Light of ALLAH Subhanau Taala the most beloved, the mercy to the world , the best ever creation Prophet Sayyidina Muhammadur Rasolullah Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Peace and Blessings upon him and his family always.

The event is scheduled to start at 4:00pm on Saturday, December 17th 2016 at Madina Institute USA 3580 Sweetwater Rd, Duluth, GA .

Free Admission & Dinner will be servered after program.


Jazkallah Khair


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